Rockin’ out with Rocky

Tagline:Energetic deaf boy
Dog’s Name:Rocky
Dog’s Age:18m
Color:white with red
Leash Trained:yes

Crate Trained:yes
Description:Rocky is a super sweet and playful boy.He really likes to play fetch!! He will be a little much for young children until has learned not to jump up!! Rocky is deaf, so he will need an attentive owner and would like to go for walks too!! 
Rescue Contact:Glenna Wright

3 thoughts on “Rockin’ out with Rocky

  1. Hi is Rocky still available? If he is how is he with other dogs (small breed)?
    I have experience with A Bull Terrier had him for 13 years, he passed 5 years ago so I think I’m ready to start a new friendship.
    I’m retired now so will have plenty of time for him.

  2. Hi is Rocky still available? I am interested in adopting and or fostering him. Can I get more information on the process? He would be the only dog as well.
    Thank you

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