State: AZ –
Dogs Name: Monica
Dog’s Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Color: White with red eye and ear
Weight: 46 pounds
Housebroken: yes
Leash Trained: yes

Crate Trained: yes
Description: Monica is a wild and crazy kind of girl. She is go go go and then go go go some more. She hasn’t got much of an attention span so gets into trouble.. a lot! She needs an owner that will be able to spend LOTS of time with her. She needs walks and runs daily to tire her out. She is not good with cats and is too rowdy for small kids. She is fine with some dogs provided they are easy going and not in her face. Monica, despite her craziness will eventually make it to being a great dog!
Rescue Contact: Saguaro State Bull Terrier Rescue

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