JJ was found stray with some large puncture wounds that were filled with maggots.  He spent some time at the ER and is now recovering well in a foster home.  JJ enjoys the company of the other dogs and, typical of bull terriers, he absolutely loves attention, petting and cuddles.  JJ bounces when he is excited but soon settles to walk nicely on leash.   Visit our website – www.texasbullterrier.org – click on the Rescue tab and complete an online application form if you would like to adopt JJ!


6 thoughts on “JJ

  1. Is he available we have had a bully before and love tje breed please contact me we want to adopt to help a pup out instead of gping to a sketchy and irresponsible breeder

    1. Hi Sarah, yes some of the rescues do adopt out of state. But it depends on how far away you are. Some will only adopt out of state if not too far away. I adopt out all over. I am located in Arkansas.

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