State: Arizona –
Dog’s Name: Bristol
Dog’s Age: 14 months
Gender: Female
Color: White with eye patch
Weight: 45 pounds
Housebroken: yes
Leash Trained: yes

Crate Trained: yes
Description: Her name is Bristol for a reason, as in Bristol Motor Speedway…Bristol is kind and sweet but off the charts with boundless energy, go, go, go with no brakes! She really wants to please and have you love her but she just can’t help being a wild and kinda crazy bull terrier. She is trainable and just needs someone with patience who can work with her and give her some structure and love!! She is good with other dogs but they must be super tolerant or happy to have a rowdy non stop friend. he is not good with cats and way too hyper for little kids. She would do well with an active single person or couple that will take her on long walks, runs, and include her in all their activities. She will not be happy to be left in a crate for more than a few hours a day. If you have energy in spades and patience galore.. Bristol might be worth your consideration. With the right one on one time she will soon be someones best dog ever!!!
Rescue Contact: Kim Bebb, Saguaro State Bull Terrier Rescue

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