Dog’s Name:Athena
Dog’s Age:8
Color:brindle and white
Leash Trained:yes

Crate Trained:yes
Description:Athena was abandoned by her owners. They left her in the care of a friend and never returned for her. After 6 months, it was apparent they were not coming back for her. She is a super great girl and can be loose in the home. She is learning about other dogs and with slow introductions is doing well. 
Rescue Contact:Glenna WRight

2 thoughts on “Athena

  1. Hello
    Do you know how Athena is with cats, I like to bring a Bull Terrier back into my life, I had Bull Terrier for 20 years prior to my GSD, who passed away of old age, and now would like to have Bull Terrier again as my companion

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