Baby Moses

We recently welcomed Moses into our rescue after he was surrendered to a shelter to be euthanized, at just a few weeks of age, because he was “sick”. He has been receiving 24/7 care under the watchful eye of our veterinary staff and continues to improve and grow daily, thanks to our wonderful caring foster home.

This little baby has had a difficult start but we won’t give up on him as easily as his “breeder” did! We will ensure he lands in the best home possible. If you are interested in being considered, please submit our adoption application online

There are unfortunately many disreputable individuals in our area breeding Bull Terriers with no regard for their health or wellbeing – if you are seeking out a puppy for your family, please do your due diligence not to support these backyard breeders. We are always happy to offer referrals and advice.

5 thoughts on “Baby Moses

  1. Where is Moses located at in Texas? My wife and I are in Oregon, and my parents are in Houston. I’d like to speak with someone about the little guy if possible to see what options we have. I was raised with bull terriers and my parents had a couple of rescues. Also, my wife is stay at home and is very attentive.

    1. We do not ordinarily place dogs outside of our area of South Texas, as our process involves a home visit and a meet & greet with family and other pets. Also we do not ship dogs. Please check out the rescue co-ordinators list on this site to find the group that specifically covers your area. Thank you!

      1. Janet, I’ve been through the vetting process before when I lived in North Carolina and we’ve been on the lookout for a BT rescue the past couple years. My parent’s are in Houston and would be able to transport in April when they come out; also, we will be relocating to Little Rock the middle of June with my job. We have a 4 year old female boxer-mix and 3 indoor cats. The problem we’ve ran across with other bullies is the cats or them needing to be a single dog home. I understand your concerns, if you would just keep us in mind… We figured getting a puppy and raising it with our current pet family would be the only option. Thanks and thank you for the work that you’re doing.

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