Tagline:Available in AR also can be adopted to TX, OK, MS, MO, LA
Dog’s Name:Lily
Dog’s Age:12months
Color:red and white
Weight:38 lbs
Leash Trained:yes

Crate Trained:Mostly
Description:Lily did not have a good start in life. She was at a rural shelter in central MO. It was obvious she had a rear leg injury and was most likely hit by a car or had some other traumatic injury and her hip joint was damaged and not repaired. She uses the leg fine and does not cause her any discomfort. She can be shy with ppl on initial meeting but will warm up just fine. Older children will be ok but young ones will be too much for her to deal with. She is a super happy girl who loves to be with me and play. 
Rescue Contact:Glenna Wright

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