Billy Jack!

BJ is a sweet young boy, around 1-2 years of age.  He is leash and crate trained and gets along with other dogs.  He is around 50 pounds, neutered and ready for a new home!

If you are interested in adopting BJ, please visit Maybells Rescue at:

An adoption application is required prior to meeting the available rescues. We will schedule a home visit prior to meeting the available bull terriers and may make periodic visits after adoptions are finalized. We will do a foster to adoption program 10 days to 3 weeks to ensure the rescue is a good fit with the new family. At the end of a successful foster to adopt period, we will finalize the adoption contract.

Our fees range for $200-600 based on each rescues age and health.

2 thoughts on “Billy Jack!

  1. I just want one to love out of the show world they are incredible dogs like children the first one I had her name was hestia I loved her so much than Fran berez talk my wife into showing her and breeding her well me and my wife split up and I miss my beautiful babies so I am here if you all need someone to adopt a dog into a home of love

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