Tagline:Available in AR
Dog’s Name:IVAN
Dog’s Age:10+
Leash Trained:yes

Crate Trained:yes
Description:Senior boy Ivan was found as a stray in Greenville, TX. He was anemic when he came in, so it took a couple of months of care before he could be neutered and have a dental. When we did his surgery, Dr. Wright commented, it was really sad, as it was evident as some point Ivan had a loving owner. He had two old surgery sites, a long abdomen scar, most likely from an enterotomy and a wire was still around a rear leg, most likely from a broken leg fixation. He did have elevated kidney values so he does need to stay on a kidney diet, he is currently on Royal Canin Renal. He is dog friendly!!! He is a super boy that is really deserving on a home at this stage of his life. 
Rescue Contact:Glenna Wright

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