State: TX
Tagline: Lots of energy!
Dog’s Name: Winston
Dog’s Age: 18 Months
Gender: Male
Color: Red and White
Weight: 60 Lbs
Housebroken: Yes
Leash Trained:
Crate Trained: Yes
Description: We have been asked to help find a new home for 18 month old Winston. This 60 pound boy has simply grown to be way too much dog for his current owners to handle.Winston has spent several months with a fantastic trainer and any potential adopter will be required to meet Winston at the trainer’s facility in Katy, Tx so that they can find out how to get the best behaviors from this handsome bully – Winston is a typical adolescent bull terrier who will push boundaries if allowed, so a strong-willed, bull terrier experienced owner will be needed to do Winston’s thinking for him until he grows up!

Winston has unlimited energy and requires a lot of mental and physical exercise. Needless to say, Winston would not be suitable for young children and he does not like cats!

Rescue Contact: Janet Arter

5 thoughts on “Winston

  1. I am also interested in this beautiful Billie. Had one just like him a few years ago, from Katy, Tx., until he passed away from old age. Terrific dog. He was a Winston too! I would like to fill out an application if he is still available(?)

    1. I am interested in Winston if he is still available. I had a Billie like him from Katie a few years ago. He was a terrific dog! I would like fill out an application if it’s not too late.

    1. Hi Steven, you should email the rescue directly as on the dogs pages to ask if they are available.

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