Cornelius Cobb!

Cornelius is a 7 month old bull terrier puppy who is ready for his new home. He is doing well with the other dogs in his foster home, but no cats or small furries for Cornelius!  To adopt Cornelius, please visit our website – – click on the Rescue tab for the online application form.


3 thoughts on “Cornelius Cobb!

    1. Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding our rescued bull terriers.

      Here is some information on our rescue program:

      * Available dogs are listed on our weekly Rescue Report – – click on the “Rescue” tab

      * Our Facebook page always has up-to-the-minute news – “Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club”

      * We do not have a physical shelter – all our dogs are housed in private foster homes until they are ready for adoption

      * Before proceeding with your application, please note:

      If you are a renter, you MUST have your landlord’s permission in advance and confirmation that the bull terrier breed is permitted by your landlord and insurers.

      Because many bull terriers can be clumsy and rambunctious in play, we seldom place dogs in homes where there are children under the age of about 5 or 6 years, as they can easily be knocked down by accident.

      The majority of bull terriers have a high prey drive. Occasionally we have a dog in rescue that has been raised around cats, but in general we cannot place bullies in homes where there are cats.

      * Step 1 : Complete and submit the Adoption Application form on our website – – click on the TGCBT Rescue tab (if you need a Word format of this form emailed to you instead, just let us know). Please dont wait to complete the form, as you may miss out – we often have a very fast turn-around!

      * Step 2 : We will contact you for a discussion by telephone and to arrange for one of our representatives to visit you at your home and talk about our dogs and the bull terrier breed – we will work closely with you to help you find the right match for your home, family and lifestyle

      * Step 3 : The rescue bullie will be placed in your home on a trial period, giving him/her time to settle and acclimatize to the new surroundings

      * Step 4 : If everyone is happy after the trial period, the adoption will be finalized, your check will be deposited and the microchip transferred to you

      All our rescued bull terriers are temperament tested, spayed/neutered, brought up to date with shots & wormer, heartworm tested/treated and microchipped. Your new dog will come with a collar and leash and ID tag.

      Adoption fees typically range around $325, to help cover these veterinary expenses.

      If at any time in the future, for what ever reason, you cannot keep the rescue dog, he/she must be returned to our rescue program.

      If you need any further information, please let me know. We look forward to helping you find your new family member!

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