Tyrion (“Ty”) is an older guy of around 6, but he’s got the energy of a young pup. He loves to go on long walks in the park, play fetch, and hucklebutt. He gets along well with other dogs; his foster home has another bully who he loves to play with, and he is great about leaving their older dog (who doesn’t like to play) alone.
Tyrion has come a long way from his condition two months ago, when he was brought into a local Houston shelter to be euthanized.
Ty has lots of love and energy, is responsive and eager to learn, and is growing more beautiful every day. He would be a great fit for an active person, even one who is at work for long hours but wants to come home and play around with their best friend. He is still learning his manners with taking treats gently, and needs a little time to simmer down and relax for “let’s just hang out and watch TV” time.
Ty has been living comfortably with a foster family since July and now he is ready to find his forever home!
If you are interested in meeting Ty, please visit our website – www.texasbullterrier.org – click on the Rescue tab and complete the application!



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