Dog’s Name: Morty
Dog’s Age: 2-3 years
Gender: Male
Color: White
Weight: 38 pounds
Housebroken: yes
Leash Trained: yes

Crate Trained: yes
Description: Morty is a wild and crazy guy. He is mostly deaf but can hear some ranges. Morty needs an outlet for his energy. He needs daily play and walks. Morty is a bit too rambunctious for the likes of most canines he has met. He would be best to be your only pet. Unsure with cats but best not to go there. He is not good with little kids as he is way to rowdy. Morty has shown fear of some men but never of women. He is funny, comical, always in a playful mood. He will be a project dog for someone but he will be worth the work someone puts into him!!

Rescue Contact: Saguaro State Bull Terrier Rescue

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