Sweet Hucklebutter Finn

This handsome devil is Finn. Finn was found abandoned in a motel room. This was obviously the fault of inconsiderate owners because there is no way it was the fault of this sweet boy. Is he an energetic Bull Terrier puppy? Yes he is, but he has the sweetest most loving, gentle personality. He will lean his head into your leg and just wait for you to love on him.
This sweet boy is probably around a year old. He is potty trained and kennel trained. He is a bit strong on the leash, but nothing that can’t be worked on. He is a very smart boy who is currently working on sit commands, he takes a treat gently although he gets super excited with training/treat time. He loves to play, of course, all bullies love their play time, and of course couch time is his most favorite…he is just so happy to be with his person. Please fill out an application if you would like to be Finn’s side-kick – www.texasbullterrier.org/rescue

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