Policies and Procedures

Clubs, Rescues, and individuals that wish to utilize the RWTFBTCA support must abide by the following policies and procedures:

A. Required Minimum Medical Care:
1) All Vaccinations brought up to date to include Rabies and Distemper/Parvo Combo
2) Fecal testing and treatment if parasites are present
3) Spay/Neuter
4) Microchip – It is suggested that your name or your organization be listed as the primary contact and the new owner as the secondary contact.
5) *Heartworm Test (If you are in an area where heartworm is prevalent)
6) *Heartworm preventative to be given to the dog through adoption (If you are in an area where heartworm is prevalent)
7) *CBC and UPC testing
*Note: 5, 6, & 7 – Recommended additional procedures but not required

B. Placement of the dogs:
1) Each dog must have a minimum evaluation of 21 Days in Foster Care.
2) Foster care providers must sign a foster care agreement for each dog in their care.
3) Evaluation reports should be written and kept in each dogs file.
4) Each applicant must have an adoption application on file.
5) A home check should be performed prior to placement.
6) References should be contacted.
7) An adoption agreement must be completed and signed by the adoptive family and rescue coordinator.

…..For more information on our policies and on reimbursement, and funding, provided to our partners….

email us at BullTerrierHelp@gmail.com and a complete packet will be sent to you.