5 thoughts on “Bullet

    1. Checking on bullet to see if he has been adopted yet I am absolutely in love. If you could give me a call back at 603-854-4798 my name is Nicole Gibbs and let me know what is going on with bullet and if there are any other adoptable English bull terriers and I would be more than happy to fill out the paperwork an adoption fee is not an issue and I have vet records that you could have see you could see how good I’ve treated all of my past for babies

  1. I am really interested in looking to get this dog ASAP!! I have been in search of a dog exactly like this one for a long long time. If i can obtain more info on how i can go about getting this dog i would greatly appreciate it. Thank You so much!! Rose Trujillo

  2. I am a previous Bully owner and have been without her for 6 years. I would love this dog to become part of my family

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