Milo in San Antonio, Tx

Milo is a 3 year old male Bull Terrier as an owner surrender after being lost for 2 years. His reuniting with his original family and his new furry siblings did not go as the fairy tale one would expect. Milo is a sweet boy that likes to have his humans all to himself. His current foster says he is an athlete that loves human interaction and earning positive reinforcement. He is extremely food and toy motivated but can get a little obsessed with his favorite toy, a ball. If you are looking for a hiking buddy, friend to fetch in the night, or a cuddle buddy this is your guy. With that in mind, this guy in no couch potato and would thrive with a family that is ready to dedicate some time to exercise and ensure his happiness and success at his new home. He has been training daily with his foster to work through his big feelings about other dogs and his foundations for being a good friend to his humans. He knows “sit”, “come”, “down”, and how to keep his four paws on the floor when saying hi to human friends. He is working on a LAT protocol and he is doing great at not reacting from distance and on his daily walks. He is great with people of all kinds and has shown interest in cats and dogs, but isn’t great at managing his feelings and behaviors with other animals so he would do best in a single pet home. He is sensitive with people and is working on patience with his boundaries, so a dog savvy home with an understanding owner would be ideal for his long term success as he continues his training journey. Milo lives and breathes fetch and is working on his drop behavior and waiting patiently for human friends to pick it up and throw it again. In his previous homes has had issues with guarding his toys; however, he has done well in his foster home and is learning to “trade” toys which is quickly turning into a favorite game. He is fully vetted and ready to finally finish his journey home and continue to learn and grow with his people.

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